Kishore Rao chanced upon a Kannada crossword during his lunch break at work. Kishore lives in Bangalore and is well-known on the Indian crossword circuit. Sanskrit in the Bangalore Town Hall! Shuchi had recently brought up the topic of crosswords in Indian languages and even got the ball standing At The Crosswords on Hindi crosswords and clueing.

Curiosity got the better of us cats and we started looking more closely at crossword puzzles in Indian languages. Kannada has linguistic attributes similar to Hindi, and so brings with it the same difficulties of crossword setting as in Hindi. All the three have symmetric grids, more than half blackspace in many cases, triple unches, and sometimes, whitespace islands not linked to other parts of the crossword. The clue sheet headings are a little more elaborate compared to English: Across is Left to right, Down is Up to down for Down. All three Kannada publications use this wording. I observed a rummy thing in Kannada crosswords which is not kosher in English crosswords: in an English crossword DEER being reversed as REED is ok, but DEAR cannot be reversed as RAED.

3 was sheer magic, though the anagram indicator was missing. Udayagiri in South India, which roughly translates to the sun-rise mountain. Mumbai was where all the laundering took place in days of yore, and probably continues. If you wish to keep track of further articles on Crossword Unclued, you can subscribe to it in a reader via RSS Feed. One more feather in your cap.

I need to make a small correction. As Deepak said, you never seem to stop amazing us. Shuchi, how are you going to ascertain if any post here in Kannada is fit for publication? As you know, a stepney in olden days,was a retired tyre, having gone bald, full of holes from the roads and rats and to be relied on only in case of absolute necessity. You can use Google Transliterate to type out the Kannada script. The clues work in English too.